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Dr. Larry Conner: "Making Increase Colonies"

Dr. Connor is a Michigan native who departed Michigan State University upon completion of his Ph.D. dissertation on strawberry pollination, and assumed the position of extension apicultural entomologist at The Ohio State University (Columbus). There his program attracted the attention of investors interested in moving the Dadant Starline and Midnite hybrid queen program to Florida to establish the world's first mass production facility for the instrumental inseminated queen honey bees. Seeking educational support for his learning-disabled son, Connor moved to Connecticut where he established Beekeeping Education Service, offering educational program for beekeepers. Later he purchased Wicwas Press from Dr. Roger and Mary Lou Morse, and has published over a dozen titles dealing with bees, beekeeping, queen rearing and pollination.

Connor is currently a regular contributor to Bee Culture and the American Bee Journal magazines, with emphasis on queen and drone biology and management and beekeeper interviews. Recently he began a series of articles on the biological basis of beekeeping practices. He has authored a number of extension publications, a series of slides sets, a video program (which he also appeared in and directed), two scientific proceedings (as editor), and scientific articles. He served as editor of the EAS Journal, Honey Producer Magazine and Bee Science. He has written a book called Increase Essentials. His next book is titled Bee Sex Essentials: Drones, Queens and Bee Mating.

His artwork and photography have been awarded prizes in local art shows. He has appeared in, produced and/or directed over thirty local community theater productions. Connor is also involved in Connecticut social action.

He has two adult children -- a daughter who is a nurse in Alaska, and a son who is a social worker in Connecticut.

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